PDFRasterizer.NET 3.0

Print, Render, View and Rasterize PDF or print PDF documents directly to GDI+, WPF or XPS.
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Convert PDF to JPG, PNG, etc.
Convert pages to XPS
Print PDF unattended
Convert to multi-page TIFF
Nu unmanaged code
Progressive rendering
Render annotations selectively
Render layers selectively

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// open pdf and select first page
var stream = File.Create("report.pdf");
var pdf = new Document(stream);
var page = pdfDocument.Pages[0];

// create a bitmap to draw to and a graphics object
using (var bitmap = new Bitmap(page.Width, page.Height))
using (var graphics = Graphics.FromImage(bitmap))
  // draw thefirst page to the graphics object

Convert to BMP

Render a PDF page to any raster image at any resolution.

// open pdf
var fileIn = File.Create("report.pdf");
var pdf = new Document(fileIn);

// configure output
var options = new ConvertToTiffOptions 
  Compression = TiffCompression.CcittG4;
  Resolution = 150;
  PixelFormat = PixelFormat.Bw1Bpp;

// render pdf to tiff
using (var fileOut = File.Create("report.tiff"))
  document.ConvertToTiff(fileOut, options);

Convert PDF to multipage TIFF

Convert PDF to multipage TIFF. Configure resolution, compression and pixel format. It is also possible to customise dithering when approximating color as black-and-white.

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