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Tall Components

Licensing Model

Annual Renewal

A license includes support, maintenance and upgrades during the first year after purchasing. The price of the annual renewal is 25% of the initial fee. As long as you renew, you continue to receive support, maintenance and major upgrades. We will send you a renewal reminder 30 days prior to expiration.

If you do not renew then any version of our software released after the expiration of your license will revert to evaluation mode in combination with your license key. Versions of our software released prior to the expiration of your license will continue to work in combination with your license key. After expiration it is not possible to reactivate your license, e.g. due to moving our software to a different server.

After expiration, your customers may continue to use, and you may continue to support, existing Combined Products already installed by your customers before the expiration of the license.

Licenses purchased prior to April 8, 2011 include support and maintenance until 4 months after a new major version is released. Major upgrades are not included. This is in accordance with the terms that applied at the time of purchasing. You may choose to jump on this subscription model by sending a request.

Deployment-based licensing

As opposed to many vendors, we do not sell developer licenses. Instead, licenses are sold per deployment instance. This means that the licensing costs scale with the number of installations, instead of with the size of your development team.

Our components explicitly check to see if the component is used within the terms of the license based on one or more ‘runtime attribute’ per license type. For example for a server license, the runtime attribute is the NETBIOS name of the server. After you have purchased a license you can activate it online from your dashboard.

We have different types of licenses for different deployment scenarios. These licenses are described below.

Server License

The Server License allows you to run our component on exactly one machine. You are allowed to move the license once to another machine. The license mechanism is based on the NETBIOS name.

Client Application License

The Client Application License allows you to redistribute our component with a single client/desktop application to a maximum of 300 seats (ask a quote for unlimited seats). The license mechanism is based on the Company and Product assembly attributes of the entry assembly (managed EXE). Or, if your application does not have an entry assembly, e.g. because you are using our component with an unmanaged legacy application, the license mechanism is based on the Company and Product of the innermost calling assembly (managed DLL).

ASP.NET Domain License

The ASP.NET Domain License allows you to run our component on a maximum of 8 servers (ask a quote for unlimited servers) that serve a specific domain such as tallcomponents.com or microsoft.com. The license mechanism is based on the domain part of the incoming HTTP request. For example, if you have a web application named ‘myWebApp’ deployed on your domain ‘mycompany.com’, then the ASP.NET Domain license will check each request to see if the domain part of the URL matches *.mycompany.com.

If you are developing an ASP.NET application that will be installed at your customers location, you probably do not control the customer’s server names and don’t know the domain name in advance. installation of your application should not involve an additional tallcomponents activation step. the web application license applies best to this scenario. the license mechanism is based on the company and product assembly attributes of the calling assembly (managed dll). these are normally defined in the assemblyinfo.cs or assemblyinfo.vb of your web application project.

Windows Domain License

The Windows Domain License allows you to run our component on a maximum of 25 machines (ask a quote for unlimited machines) that are members of a given Windows Domain or Windows Workgroup. The license mechanism is based on the part that precedes the backward slash of System.Security.Principal.WindowsIdentity.Name.

Enterprise License

This license allows for unlimited server deployment and unlimited redistribution with both client and server applications. This is an annual agreement that includes support, maintenance and upgrades. Contact sales for a quote.

More information

If you have specific requests you can always contact us or call +31 (0)24 301 00 32 during office hours (GMT +1) for a customized solution. Check the pricing section of the component that you are interested in.

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