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Add bookmarks to PDF
Disable submit button after submitting
Generate PDF with local images from XML with Xamarin.iOS
Licensing and .NET Standard
Reduce PDF size
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How to downscale all images in a PDF
How to generate and export certificates
How to downscale all images in a PDF
Add Stamp to PDF
How to use a system font for rendering text
Customize the GUI interaction of a radio button
Customize the UI interaction of a check box
PDF to grayscale TIFF
How to reduce PDF file size
How do I create graphics with Icc based colors
Highlight fields in PDF
Add a note to PDF
Display PDF in a WPF app and stay responsive – the code
Draw interactively on a PDF page
Resize PDF pages
Verify a custom digital PDF signature
C# Print PDF documents from a WPF application
Extract glyph boxes from PDF
Use TrueType font collections
Layout text with MultilineTextShape
Calculate the height of a paragraph in PDF
Merge PDF files in C# .NET
How do I extract page destinations from bookmarks?
Clip PDF page content in C#
How do I use PDFControls.NET in a WPF application
Fill PDF form
Extract glyphs and sort by reading order
How to scale content of PDF
Create rectangles with rounded corners
Create text with decorations
Create layers in PDF and draw on each layer
Multipage TIFF to PDF
Crop content on a PDF page
How to embed files in a PDF document
Remove graphics from PDF
Change the color inside a PDF
Create PDF in C#
Text formatting
Import FDF into PDF
Flatten PDF form
Digitally sign a PDF form in C# or VB.NET
Vector graphics in PDF
Translate PDF page content
Extract graphics from PDF
Determine the content bounding box
How to add page numbers to your PDF
Create / impose PDF 2-up
Search text in PDF
Append multiple PDF documents
Convert PDF to plain text
Flatten Markup Annotation
Add text field to PDF
Extract embedded files from PDF
Extract images from PDF
Add a Diagonal Watermark to PDF in C#
Fit image to PDF page
Add simple html text to PDF
Add multiline text to a PDF document
Add single-line text to PDF
Create a new digitally signed PDF document
PDF Viewer Preferences
Change page orientation PDF
Split PDF pages in C# and VB.NET
Append two or more existing PDF files
Change colors of black-and-white TIFF after converting from PDF
Determine if a PDF only contains images
Add footer to PDF
Convert SVG to PDF
Fill in a PDF form using MVC
C# render pdf in browser using MVC
Convert XHTML to PDF
Add hyperlink to PDF
Rotate a PDF page
Change the formatting of a numeric field
How to mirror PDF pages and other shapes
Fill in a template PDF document
How to add autosized text to PDF
Create formfields in PDF documents
Export FDF from PDF form
Add a link with an internal destination to PDF
Remove PDF security settings
Add a link to PDF with an external destination
How to sign and verify updates to a PDF document
Convert PDF to PNG using WPF
Embed TrueType font
Override MouseWheel event
Convert PDF to an image using a dither matrix
Font mapping
Convert PDF with layers to image
Print document
Render PDF with ResolveFont event handler
Render PDF to EMF
Convert PDF to XPS
How to create a thumbnail viewer
How to create a tiling for shapes in PDF
Add footer with left and right aligned text on same line
Convert PDF to JPG in C#
EMF to PDF as vector image
EMF to PDF as raster image
Replace field with image
Add a rubber stamp annotation with a custom icon
Create a text annotation in PDF with rich text
XhtmlParagraph and TrueType fonts
What is the resulting fontsize in PDF for rich text used in a SimpleXhtmlShape
Read and write meta data from PDF
Create a custom signature handler to sign and verify PDF documents
Merge PDF
Stitch PDF documents
Download and convert image to PDF
Convert TXT to PDF
Add barcodes to PDF
Convert PDF to multipage TIFF in C# .NET
Convert multiple PDF pages to bitmap
Render a PDF to bitmap
Bulleted list from XML and XSL
Tagged PDF
PDFKit.NET 5.0 – detailed changes to the API
Create tagged PDF
PDFKit.NET 5.0 and .NET Core
PDFKit.NET 5.0 and Xamarin
Dynamic XFA
PDFKit.NET 5.0 .NET Standard API
.NET Core console app on MacOS
Add tags to existing PDF
Read PDF tags
Merge XDP data with dynamic XFA form
Fill XFA form and export XDP data
Fill and save dynamic XFA form
Use PDFKit.NET 5.0 with a Xamarin.Forms app
Use multiple licenses
Generate PDF form from XML
Write Document to HttpResponse
// open pdf and select first page
var stream = File.Create("report.pdf");
var pdf = new Document(stream);
var page = pdfDocument.Pages[0];

// create a bitmap to draw to and a graphics object
using (var bitmap = new Bitmap(page.Width, page.Height))
using (var graphics = Graphics.FromImage(bitmap))
  // draw thefirst page to the graphics object

PDFRasterizer.NET 3.0

Print, Render, View and Rasterize PDF or print PDF documents directly to GDI+, WPF or XPS.

Document document = new Document(inFile);

// navigate to field based on name and set value
TextField textField = document.Fields["Text1"] as TextField;
textField.Value = "Hello";


PDFKit.NET 5.0

Create and manipulate PDF documents. Split, append, stamp, encrypt, extract, fill and more.

Document doc = new Document();
Section section = doc.Sections.Add();
section.PageSize = PageSize.Letter;

TextParagraph textParagraph = new TextParagraph();
// ... add fragment objects

Image image = new Image("some.jpg");
// ... set image properties

Table table = new Table();
// ... add rows, cells, etc.

TallPDF.NET 5.0

Generate PDF on the fly, from scratch, use code, XML/XSL or a combination.

PDF controls

PDFControls.NET 2.0

A collection of UI controls for adding PDF read and edit functionality to your .NET Windows application.

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