PDFRasterizer.NET 4.0 is now available. Supports .NET Core. Renders pixel-perfectly.

Namespace TallComponents.PDF.Layout

Class Object

Base class of all objects that can be read from XML.

features most of the logic used to load object declarations from XML. You can use this feature in your own classes by deriving from this class.

Derived classes must have a public parameterless constructor, otherwise it cannot be instatiated.

The XML processor can handle all public properties if:

of type System.String.that have a 'public static [type] Parse( string )' method (this includes many value-types such as double, bool, etc.that have public static get-properties that return instances of that type.enumeration members

The attribute name should match (case-insensitive) the name of the public property.

will use


to process doubles.

Use the type attribute to specify derived classes using their fully qualified type name.

To implement custom XML reading, create a class with a public parameterless constructor and add a void Read(XmlReader) method. The XML reader will invoke the Read method right after construction. Note that if you use this approach, you are completely on your own in processing the XML. Make sure that, when the method finishes processing the XML, the XmlReader is positioned at the first node after the end element.


public class Object : Object



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